Learn the same funnel I used to grow my business from zero to 7 figures in 18 months. 

No yawn-inducing marketing tactics involved.
Tell me if this sounds like you:
You've heard about this funnel thing, you know you probably need one, but you don't know exactly what a funnel is...

Or you've read about funnels, you've seem them in your newsfeed, and you've decided it's a soul-sucking, joy-crushing marketing tactic that you can probably stay the H-E-double-hockey-sticks away from.

Or you do know what a funnel is, you may even have a few, and the complexity of them makes your eyes cross and mapping one out on a whiteboard looks like the smoke monster from Stranger Things... but perhaps more horrifying.

If any of those apply to you, you are not alone. 

Sales funnels get a bad rap.

They're often ill-defined, over-complicated, and are presented with just enough pretentiousness that you can't not roll your eyes.

BUT not all sales funnels are created equal. 

In fact, when well-executed, nothing else allows you to better serve your audience.

(And better serve your bottom line.)

Calling all course creators, coaches, consultants, and service-based business:

I have a sales funnel solution for you that is anything but soul-sucking.

I present to you The Five-Day Funnel Formula.
But let’s skip the tap-dancing because you want to know exactly what this is all about.

If you've participated in my wildly popular challenge, Facebook on Fleek Week or my recent workshop series, The 4-Day Facebook Makeover, then you've had a small glimpse into the inner workings of this funnel.

The Five-Day Funnel Formula is a high-converting, interactive and promotional series that moves icy cold leads to converts, all in the span of five days (or three or four).

However, if you've tried to reverse engineer this thing, you know there's more than meets the eye. So I'm pulling back the curtain and sharing all the secrets with you.

If you've got a course or digital product, a service where you teach or train, a business where you consult or coach, then the Five-Day Funnel Formula is about to be your new best friend.

The Five-Day Funnel Formula comes to you in four fast modules:
Module One is all about preparation. before we jump into creating and promoting the funnel, we have to structure and outline the funnel.

In this module, I share the differences that distinguish this funnel from others and show why it has such a high conversion rate across the board (and how that can be your reality, too).
Module Two is where we create the funnel. I share with you my secret for putting together content lightning fast so that you can have your entire funnel created in just one afternoon.

I also walk through the different video formats so that you may best present your brand, whether you're a veteran video expert or a total newbie to behind-the-camera content.
In Module Three, we get to promotion: Generating leads, warming those leads, and getting those highly targeted leads for next to nothing. You don't need any prior Facebook ads experience to win with this module.

I walk through organic and paid forms of promotion so that you can get your funnel out there and doing its thing.
Module Four is all about conversion. It's not enough to create and promote the funnel; we need to move those leads from cold to sizzling hot, and I show you how it can be done all in about five days.

The proprietary strategies of this module show why this specific funnel is so effective and high-converting -- and it's entirely free of complex mapped out shenaigans. Just easy peasy, step by step systems.
But wait... you've got BONUSES, too!

The Five-Day Funnel Formula isn't just four modules. I've included additional trainings to supplement the course and help you go further faster.

The Five-Day Funnel Formula relies on the platform of video, but you don't have to be Spielberg to make it great.

Whether you're right at home on camera or you'd rather hide in a closet than press the record button, I'll show you how easy (and dare I say, fun) this can actually be. 


One of the things we receive the most compliments on are our beautiful, interactive workbooks. And if you've asked us before "How do you make those?" our go-to answer is usually "Magic." Well not this time!

In this training, we show you the simple (free) process we use to make fabulous, fillable workbooks -- fast.

Facebook ads have massive ROI; they can also be massively complicated.

In this bonus training, I break it all down and show you nothing more and nothing less than exactly what you need to promote this funnel through ads for high ROI and low cost.

With all the video formats out there, one of the best learning-friendly options is recorded (or live) slideshows. However, not all slideshows are created equal. If you want to make sure your presentations are minimally yawn-inducing, you'll want to check out this bonus training. 

Friends don't let friends put on ugly slideshows. I'll help you out.


You don't have to have a degree in design to create simple, but effective graphics for your content, and Canva makes your DIY efforts all the more possible.

In this bonus training, I give you the lay of the land with this free graphic design program and show you everything you need to know to visually brand your funnel and give it that extra oomph.
What's the time commitment?

After reading through all of the different modules and bonuses of the Five-Day Funnel Formula, you might be thinking to yourself:

But when will I actually have time to do this thing?!

Short answer: The Five-Day Funnel Formula can be put together in one weekend. For real.

Slightly longer answer: ...That is, if you do the work, go in order, and stick with exact step-by-step strategies I share with you. 

With this funnel, I have refined and re-refined, tweaked and tested, and learned a few things along the way:

This thing works. 

I have designed this to be a minimum time commitment with a maximum impact. 

The goal is for you to implement, and implement FAST.

So I have structured this program in such a way to facilitate that as painlessly as possible.

Funnels can be fun! Or at least five-day funnels can be. (Wink.)
Grab the Five-Day Funnel Formula:
Let's do this!

The Five-Day Funnel Formula is for you if...
●  You're a course creator, a coach or consultant, a teacher or trainer. Your product or service has a knowledge gap that needs filling before your browsers can become buyers. The Five-Day Funnel Formula bridges that gap.

●  You've got a product or service, or you're in the process of creating one, and you know it could be everything if only enough people knew about it.

●  You've got some leads, but you know you could have more with the right lead generation and marketing techniques. You just need a map to follow. (I've got you covered.)

●  You've got marketing goals, but you need help implementing them in a fast and effective way. We can do that. After all, this is a 5-day funnel, not 55 days.
On the flipside:

The Five-Day Funnel Formula is NOT for you if...
●  You have a physical product under $100 that might fall under the heading of a novelty. We still love you! -- but the Five-Day Funnel Formula would be superfluous for your needs.

●  You're complacent about the progress of your business. You're not concerned about the number of lives you can impact and you're content just to dig in your heels and stay right where you are.

●  You're looking for an automated magic bullet that requires minimal work. While I do teach evergreen funnels, the Five-Day Funnel Formula is not one of them. This can be implemented quickly and can convert leads within the span of five days, but it still requires work. (You can put together your funnel in an afternoon, but the process of running the series spans about two weeks.)
Here's how this works:
  1. Grab the course at the bottom of this page.
  2. Check your inbox for your login info and links.
  3. Log into the membership site and check things out.
  4. Pat yourself on the back for being a wise and discerning business owner.  

This course is self-paced and instant access.

That means you can start this today, tomorrow, next week, or even next year (though I hope you start soon!). It's not going anywhere, and you get lifetime access inside my handy dandy membership site.

No monthly fees required. Ever. Nickeling-and-diming is for gumball machines. I don't observe those biz practices.
Grab the Five-Day Funnel Formula!
Let's do this!
Got questions? I've got answers!
Check out the FAQs below:
Do I get lifetime access to this course? 

Yes ma'am (or sir)! You can start whenever you wish. When you're ready, the course will be there, waiting for you, and not just the four modules, but all five bonuses. Absolutely positively no additional fees or membership dues required. You're welcome. 

Will you set up my funnel for me?

Nah, girl. I will gladly teach you "how to fish," but I will not fish for you. With the four modules and five bonus trainings, you've got all you need to put this puppy together. As you'll see once you jump in, I'm thorough to a fault which means I've already thought of and answered pretty much all of your questions, and I've given you the nitty gritty minute details you need to execute this funnel for your product or service.

Who made this thing?

In case you're new around here, hi! I'm Courtney Foster-Donahue (, and I am a business and marketing strategist. 

I'm also a four-time entrepreneur with both local and online businesses, so needless to say, this isn't my first rodeo. I've successfully used the exact same funnel I'm teaching in this course to generate over $1 million in profit. While I can't guarantee those results (that's on you to do the work), I can attest that this formula works, and it works soooo good.

So how much is this thing?

Putting a price on a course that teaches the same strategy I used to generate a million dollars in just eighteen months was, um, a daunting task indeed. 

When I asked around, the number that was suggested over and over again was well over a thousand dollars. (This is from far smarter and fancier folks than I.)

However, that didn't sit right with me. While I think the value of this program is a five-figure one to be sure, I certainly didn't price it that way.

I would never dream to offer a guarantee or tell you you'll have an ROI in x number of days. That would be highly unethical of me. After all, I don't have mind control over you. (Yet.) I can't force you to do the work however much I might want to. (One day.)

However, I can tell you that this funnel boasts a 15-20% conversion (far higher than any funnel I've ever encountered on this scale), so if you put in the work, it works.



If you opt for the second payment option, you'll receive access to my acclaimed video production course, DIY Video Basics. Much of the success of this funnel relies on video, so this is a great solution if you need a little extra somethin'-somethin' with your video

This course is valued at $100, but it's available for just $75 when purchased with The Five-Day Funnel Formula.

What's the refund policy?

Listen, I'm not an enabler. I'm not in the business of enabling indecisiveness either. Want to work with me? Yay! Then I want to work with you, too!
Because of this, I do not extend a long, glorious refund window. You have two weeks from your date or purchase to decide and commit -- or move on. No hard feelings either way!

But after those two weeks, you're stuck with me. (If you join the course, you'll see that that's a very good thing!)

To recap:

The Five-Day Funnel Formula is a course designed to walk you through the exact same strategy I've used to generate $1 million in profits in under 18 months.

This comes to you in four modules and five bonuses, all hosted in a sparkly, shiny membership site with lifetime access.

The Five-Day Funnel Formula is not an evergreen funnel; it's not an intricate mapped out web of twists and turns and sleazy marketing tricks that takes you eons to set up with a conversion rate of a piddly 1%-ish.

The Five-Day Funnel Formula is a unique and interactive promotional series, and when executed well, it allows you to serve your audience in the best way possible. Then sell to them.

All in the cozy window of about five days. (Sometimes sooner.)

They won't be deleting your e-mails and unfollowing you; they'll be lining up to grab your product or service.

They'll be 
thanking you for creating your product and service in the first place. (Imagine that?)

Why do I believe that? Because I've seen it work that way, time and time again.

The Five-Day Funnel Formula is available now.

Grab it today.

Let's do this.

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Five-Day Funnel Formula
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